Down Payment Help

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We understand that it's sometimes difficult to come up with the down payment required by banks for an auto loan. That's why New Millenium has come up with a way to help you do just that! We created a personal installment account that works very much like a layaway plan.

Just 3 easy steps to your down payment!

  1. After we have the approval process completed, we will help you determine the down payment required by the bank to get into the kind of vehicle you want.
  2. We will work with you to create an easy schedule of weekly or bi-weekly installments for you to bring in. These installments will be 100% applied to your down payment account.
  3. When you have reached the amount you need, you can select your new vehicle, get your insurance and we will get it ready for you to drive home.

NOTE: There is NO FEE for your down payment account. If you decide not to purchase a vehicle from New Millenium, 100% of the money you have paid into your account will be refunded.