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Exciting News!!!
     New Millenium Auto Brokers is proud to announce that we have just opened a 2nd location!

Our new dealership is located at 701 W. Hiawatha Blvd, on the corner of Pulaski St. (right next to the Hess station)

Our goal in opening this new location is to able to sto ... view more
Tax Season is upon us!
     Income tax season is upon us again! This is the time of year when some people have the largest amount of cash they will have for the entire year. So it raises the question of what to do with it? For quite a few people, this is the best time to get a vehicle for themselves an ... view more
The New Look!
If you haven't had the chance to come by lately, we have a new look to our building. We had the entire exterior remodeled over the summer. We are really proud of how it looks. We hope to be able to remodel the inside in the Spring, and make things more comfortable for our customers. Stop by and say ... view more
New Website Launched!

Welcome to our new version of We think you'll find our new website is much improved over the former one. We've made it easier to find everything your looking for, such as our Get Approved page, and a much more informative Inventory section. Be sure and check out the new Answers to Q ... view more

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